Ashton Renovatons Covid-19 Update

Our Priority

With the current situation we are all living through, the health and safety of our clients, contractors, and employees is our utmost priority.

Current Status (Revised November 21, 2020)

As of Monday, November 23, 2020 Toronto will once again move to Lockdown in an effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Ashton Renovations will continue to operate as an essential service, but will be taking the following steps to ensure the safety of our clients, staff, and contractors. Like everyone else, we are monitoring the situation and will make adjustments as needed on a regular basis. 

A large number of our suppliers we believe will continue to operate, but in compliance with restrictions, and public health requirements for cleaning. This may mean curb side in some instances, and may cause delays.

Materials, and Preparation

We continue to monitor our suppliers and trades availability and will speak with them regularly regarding their COVID-19 notices. We advise wherever possible to select and order finishes for your renovation in advance to avoid delays and shortages that may occur.

In the meantime, if you require assistance with ordering in advance please contact us by phone at 416-803-3324, or send an email to

Some of the policy/recommendations below are directives from the World Health Organization, which we obtained from

In the meantime, we will prepare and keep projects up to date as much as possible.


  1. Work areas within the home will be sectioned off where possible. Trades will not enter into non-work areas, whenever possible.
  2. We ask that homeowners remain out of work areas at all times. Discussions with trades, and management should be done outside, or through Zoom, Facetime, or by phone.
  3. COVID-19 procedures will be posted on the front door of jobsites, or where best suited.
  4. Windows and doors will remain open periodically weather permitting.
  5. Access may be needed to areas outside of immediate work areas i.e. electrical panels, water shut offs, gas, etc. Notice may be given to clients at that time, and either physical distancing, and/or vacating of home will be required.
  6. MASKS MUST BE WORN when discussions with trades, or management take place outside.


  1. Deliveries by 3rd party suppliers will be to curb/front door only, unless in instances of a vacant home. Materials will only be brought into jobsites by trades working on site.
  2. Pick ups from Home Depot, Lowes, and other suppliers will be ordered in advance by email where possible.

Project Site Visits

  1. Project site visits will alternate between in person and remote using Facetime with trade contractors, and homeowners where needed.


  1. Trades will not be permitted to work if they are feeling unwell
  2. They must a) disinfect their hands after entering, b) wear masks at all times when working around others, c) take breaks and lunch outside of jobsites on front porch/vehicle where possible, and d) work individually whenever possible
  3. Trades are not permitted to share tools
  4. Daily cleaning of jobsite of lockbox, front door handles and site tools i.e. vacuum handles, ladders, etc. in compliance with Public Health protocol.
  5. Multiple trades will NOT be permitted on the jobsite together unless absolutely necessary i.e. carpenters and plumbers


  1. Please communicate with trades and project managers on site via Facetime, Zoom, or outside the home using physical distancing and while wearing a mask.
  2. Review and update material selections. This will ensure that materials may be ordered in advance and prevent future delays if shortages occur once work begins again. 

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