Customizable Shower Technology. U By Moen For Your Toronto Bathroom


Adding Home Automation elements to your home is pretty important. It can provide a whole set of ease of use solutions. There are the obvious choices such a Nest products and lights controlled by your phone with Apps, but what about your shower? For years digital thermostats have been available. They mostly were quite simple. Now with the advent of the Smart Phone we have the U by Moen. The first advantage of such a new product is that it is backed by an established, long standing industry leading in the Kitchen & Bath Industry. The promote this purchase with a Limited Lifetime Warrenty. So what does it do?






  • You can start your shower from the app, and pause it to avoid wasting water and step into a ready war shower
  • Choose the perfect temperature and save as a preset in the app
  • Your app will notify you when your shower is ready
  • Control your kids showers and the length they take with timers
  • App has a clock for your morning to manage your time
  • Shows target and current temperature so you don’t step into a cold shower


Visit the U by Moen to try out the app controls for yourself.


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