The Ashton Process

Step One

Free Assessment

When initially speaking with homeowners, we determine the details of the project and establish budgets first, prior to arranging for material selections and designs. This process ensures that you, as the homeowner, are working towards a budget, rather than planning towards an open ended and costly renovation. Until a complete set of working drawings are complete, it is difficult to give a firm quotation for a project, but we will give you an idea of the type of renovation you can expect given your budget.

Step Two

Firm Price Quotation / Planning & Design

Once a budget has been established, concept drawings are complete (if required), and specifications set out for the scope of work, Ashton Renovations will provide you with a FIRM PRICE quotation that will include all aspects of the renovation. We will also provide a clear and concise written contract, which explains the obligations of both Ashton Renovations and you as the homeowner i.e. payments, change orders, site conditions, guarantees, and other assurances.

Step Three

Project Planning

After all the details of work are determined, and a FIRM PRICE quotation has been accepted, planning for your project begins: materials are ordered, and building trades are scheduled. This stage is crucial and requires great effort by ALL parties, as a delayed or improperly selected material can cause major delays during renovations, at great costs. 

You will also be provided with secure ONLINE access to your own webpage with all the details of your project. You will be able to track photos of the construction process, view and approve change orders, add or modify selections, access important documents, as well as utilize our online messaging system, where you can easily communicate with our team 24/7 no matter if you are at home, or on vacation.

Step Four

Rough-In-Work Begins

Prior to the commencement of any work, we prepare your home for construction. Temporary partitions are set up, floors are protected, and tools are placed in a designated area. Work then begins with demolition and preparations are made for rough-in construction work such as plumbing, electrical, mechanical systems, and rough carpentry. Progress payments for work are dispersed as set out in the quotation.

Step Five

Finishing Work Begins

Once the foundation has been set for finishing work, and all rough in construction has been completed, the pleasing elements of your project will start to come together: finishing carpentry, flooring, painting, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, etc. Again, progress payments for work are dispersed as set out in your quotation.

Step Six


After the construction of your project is complete, you will be asked to review the work and give final approval. We will then inform you of any regular maintenance required to protect your investment.

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