Sussex Ave. – South Annex Toronto Bathroom Renovations

Sussex Ave. – South Annex Toronto Bathroom Renovations - Featured Image

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Client Testimonial

"We worked with Ashton Renovations (Mark, Chris and their network of professionals) to renovate our 2.5 bathrooms and other miscellaneous repairs around the house. We bought our house last year and we were new to renovations (prior condo dwellers). Initially, we just wanted to renovate two outdated bathrooms, and as the renovations progressed each day, we increasingly felt our powder room (not included in the original renovation plan) was more than just an eyesore, we then asked Mark to add the powder room on the list as well. Mark always communicated well and updated us the renovation status timely, he always tried to think from a client’s perspective such as what is necessary and what is nice but costly and unnecessary, so clients have options to choose whatever fits into their needs and budget. Everyone on Mark’s team is highly professional, respectful, and friendly, and they focused a lot on the details. We are very happy with our bathrooms and other minor repairs!

Since we are new to home renovations, we had lots of questions for Mark and Chris, including things that were completely out of scope of bathroom renovations. They were always patient and explained things to us in detail, and they made practical recommendations to us, we also learned some painting techniques from them. We would definitely recommend Ashton Renovations. To us, Mark, Chris and the team are not just transactional contractors, they are partners who helped us fixed our house from the beginning (literally before we even moved in), and will help us with maintenance and fixes in the future."

Nan - Toronto
South Annex - Toronto