Top 3 Reasons We Love Shower Niches in Our Toronto Bathroom Renovations

Niche Shelving in Your Shower

Here at Ashton Renovations, we love installing niches into our Toronto clients’ showers because they hold a range of aesthetic and functional benefits! A shower niche is an open storage space installed within the wall of your shower, or tub, that can store your shower items very nicely. We especially love niches made of custom quartz with tiled backs, as this is visually pleasing and adds additional seal which keeps water out. We use Schluter prefabricated inserts like Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD-SN along with underlying waterproofing KERDI and KERDI-BOARD wall assemblies so there is no leaking. Niches fully made of tile for example can pool water and damage the walls of your shower. You can however add a metal niche framing into an opening, and this method can also add a nice accent along with your shower faucet. Our preferred supplier in Rubinet. Here are The Top 3 Reasons why you should add niches into your shower system during your renovation.

1. Easy Access

Niches provide a totally clutter-free way to store regularly used shower items, such as soap and hair products. Other common ways to rectify lack of space has been the use of caddy’s or shelves. Niches are more convenient than these alternatives because you can customize the height at which the niche is installed in the shower for optimal ease of reach.

2. Safety

Installing niches into your shower can help prevent accidents by eliminating the need to bend down to reach things on the floor which can potentially cause slips and falls. Not only is the shower niche more convenient, but it adds an aspect of safety as well.

3. Adds Depth And Space

Another disadvantage to using caddy’s and shelving within your shower is that they can be bulky and messy so in fact by wanting to create more space, you are actually losing it. A niche adds depth AND space to make your shower feel bigger while adding functionality.

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