What to Expect When Renovating During Covid-19

Significant Changes to Renovations

On May 19, 2020 the Province of Ontario will be lifting ALL restrictions on construction. When speaking with CBC Toronto News on May 14, 2020 Ashton Renovations shared 4 major changes you will now see during Covid-19 on most job sites and your renovations

Physical Distancing of Trades

In order to comply with social distancing and keep trades and clients safe, most likely there will only be one trade working in the home at a time in a closed off designated work area. They will also request that you not be there, or stay in a room and not come out. In some instances there may be a small group of trades i.e. a plumber and his helper. In essence, there will not be any overlapping of contractors, and this may slow the progress of things down.

Disinfecting, Masks, and Gloves

In compliance with Public Health, at the end of each visit of trades they will be required to wipe down specific surfaces for the next trade. Home owners should also following good cleaning practices and clean areas thoroughly as well. Every bit of extra attention to cleanliness will help everyone.

Zoom Meetings

In an effort to minimize in person contact, expect to have most of your meetings via Zoom, at the beginning and all the way through your project. During the planning and design stages be prepared to send documents, images, and measurements when needed. Also be open to the concept of digital project management. Most contractors are now fully integrated with PM software like Buildertrend and many others, so this will make things easier. 

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