Why We Like Upgraded Doors and Trim in Our Toronto Renovations

Crowder Pocket Door Systems

An upgrade to include a pocket door system vs. a hinged door can make a big difference if really don’t want any door interferences. Ever had a bathroom door where you needed to close it to use the vanity? Consider the installation of a pocket door system, but be careful. The ones you find at the big box stores are not that great. We here at Ashton Renovations actually only use quality pocket door systems like Crowder. They do not fail, and they open and close beautifully. We prefer using this quality hardware, which is a Canadian made company with the availability of excellent hardware and stock. It costs more, but you eliminate costly repairs

We enjoy the overall look and usage of pocket door systems in our Toronto Renovations because they create a seamless door operation experience. Each system includes roll-formed steel uprights and nylon wheels with precision ball bearings for hushed and smooth door glides. We especially love the “Catch ‘N’ Close” technology which automatically guides the door gently to an opened, or closed position. This allows for longevity of the doors because it reduces the damage sustained by slamming them.

Another cool feature of pocket systems are the ability to add different locks and pulls for easy operation of the sliding door. If regular door handles do not compliment the structure or design of the door, there are flush and edge pulls available for installation into the door to be able to open them easier, as well as locking mechanisms for added privacy.

Shaker Panel Doors

Shaker panel doors showcase a timeless and durable design suited for any theme, whether traditional, or contemporary. The square-edge panels frame the door and provide a simple and versatile look. There are endless combinations of a variety of panel configurations, and options for MDF or glass panels.

Step Bevel Casing & Baseboard

These simple mouldings are the perfect way to customize your Toronto Home and finish off the renovation with beautiful details. Step bevel casing and baseboards refer to a slope, or angle along the top edge creating a tapered look into the wall. They are also functional in hiding any wall/door base imperfections as well as protecting your walls from furniture damage.

Some Helpful Tips

  1. Places like bedrooms, bathrooms, home offices, and accessibility requirements, can benefit from pocket door systems with the Catch ‘N’ Close feature due to the silent close, safety, and ease of use.
  2. Wooden door panels are generally common for bedroom and bathroom doors, but glass panels add modernity and elegance in places like office doors.
  3. Other design options for casing and baseboards include Victorian, colonial, modern, and contemporary profiles, which are determined by the amount of curves, bumps, and lines they contain. The choice is completely up to you and what your design preferences are!

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