Adding elements of nature into your home with light, water, colour, and stone can prove to be calming and reduce stress. This can also be achieved by adding the natural element of wood. Real wood with it’s texture, colour, and real natural feel can have a dramatic impact in any room.




Finium, a Canadian company, offers fine quality wood panels that are crafted in a variety of styles and wood grains. They are most commonly used on a feature wall in bedrooms, kitchens, entrances, and main living areas. They are finely made and finished with a natural oil very little evidence is apparent of seams. Five collections are available in walnet, oak, cedar and barn board.


The Harvest Collection is a take on old barn wood. It has a rustic texture, and contains elements of saw marks, and knots.  The Hecolo Collection panels incorporate 10 different species to emphasize contrasts, while the Classik and Evolution are inspired by rock stacking effects that add depth and varied texture, the Evolution less pronounced. Onata with a Scandinavian touch with wide planks and simple design.