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There are many new products & innovations available on the market that we here at Ashton Renovations again want to share with you. Some of them are brand new, like flo by Moen, and others are fairly recent, like the Kanto TV mounts. They all have been shown to be truly fantastic on our recently renovated projects in Toronto. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about them. We would be happy to integrate any of them into your home.

Water Leak Detection With flo by Moen!

Preventing water damage to your home, and your renovations should be on the top of your list. This device detects and stops leaks. So if there is a problem with your toilet, shower valve, a pin leak in your pipes, the flo unit by Moen will detect it by alerting you on your phone. Monitors your water usage too.

KUNA Maximus Camera Floodlight With Security App

This is really the best! I like that it combines a light with a camera so they work super well together at night for a clear picture. Takes high quality HD video, has two way communication, and the LED lights won’t burn out like on the old floodlights we are all used to having. I highly recommend switching out any of your old lights. The app is FREE and the light is about $250.00. Well worth it.

Decora Smart with WiFi Technology by Leviton

I really like this product because it doesn’t require any hubs. Recently I needed a switch to control on outside light remotely and this worked extremely well. All I needed to do was install the switch and then download the app. They have lots of other devices that work the same way. If you need a few isolated switches like this, I’d highly recommend it.

Kanto TV Wall Mounts

This is probably the best TV mount on the market, and it’s not that much more than the crappy ones. At $299.00 it’s a deal. Here’s why: 

1. Doesn’t require blocking in the wall. Can be bolted into studs.
2. The unit can be adjusted horizontally after it is installed. Super bonus.
3. It has covers that conceal the mounting bracket.
4. It extends easily out from the wall so you can watch it if you want in different locations in the room i.e. on your couch, and from your dinning table.

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