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Almost every home in Toronto has a basement. Unfortunately, many are unfinished, or have been renovated previously by DIYs and have not been done properly; it is common to see poorly insulated basements with illegal electrical and plumbing work, along with many other deficiencies. Renovating your basement with the same attention to details as the rest of your home will add vital functional living space and increase much needed storage and utility areas. 

The most common attraction to renovating a basement is adding an additional bathroom. Space is abundant, so large bathrooms can be added with elements perhaps not appropriate in the other bathrooms of the house. Whether it's a large tub, sauna, or walk in shower, it can be a treat and definitely add value to the home.

There are many other improvements to consider as well including adding proper sub-flooring, upgrading insulation, lighting, wet bars, built-in cabinetry, laundry rooms, and of course, the open concept. 

Toronto Complete Basement Renovation - Underpinning, Walk-Out, Bathroom, Kitchen,
and Laundry

This basement renovation in Toronto involves almost every aspect that could be done to a basement including a new walk-out, underpinning, kitchen rough-in, bathroom, laundry, stairs, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC. The project initially begins with the underpinning and follows with new insulated sub flooring and framing. Once completed, the plumbing, HVAC, and electrical rough-in are then started, and after the first inspection, the walls are spray foamed, and drywall is then installed. The final stage involves the installation of ALL finishes including trimwork, fixtures, flooring, lighting, and paint.


Etobicoke Family Room Basement Renovation

This basement renovation was our third project for Sherry and Steve, having completed their kitchen and two bathrooms previously. Their home is located in Richview - Etobicoke Toronto. The area dates back to 1852 when a post office called "Richview" opened in this area. In the 1870's, it had its own school, church, and tavern. Richview had a proud farming tradition. In 1956, Richview's last dairy farm was sold to developers.

The focus of the space was to clean it up and add insulation, as it was previously poorly done. To achieve this the basement was spray foamed and included insulated floor panels and a cork floor. The entertainment unit was custom built using IKEA cabinetry. Proper lighting was also included into the scope of work.

Little Italy Basement Renovation - Entertainment Room, Laundry, Wet Bar, and Bathroom

This basement renovation in downtown Toronto was a large undertaking with interior waterproofing and full electrical, plumbing and HVAC. Jessie & Tracy wanted to make the space warm, functional and stylish so the finishes in the design included cork, and warmer tones, while the structural elements included elements of spray foam and waterproofing to keep the moisture out. The basement really worked out well with a full laundry and wet bar, a full bathroom and sitting area.


Foundation Repairs, Underpinning,
& Waterproofing

If your basement leaks, we can properly excavate and waterproof the exterior of your home by installing the necessary drainage system that will evacuate the moisture from your foundation. Interior solutions may also exist for your home by using crack injection methods, and interior drainage systems. Ashton Renovations can also assist with any necessary foundation repairs, or underpinning requirements if you need additional height in your basement.

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