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Ashton Renovations has over 25 years of experience
in the residential construction industry and has helped hundreds of clients renovate their homes.

Our step by step process begins with an assessment of your project. We will come to your home to discuss your ideas and dreams, and if you prefer, we can also meet at either our showroom, or online virtually using Zoom. An assessment will help you better understand the actual costing of your project, timing, as well as how your vision and ideas can all come together. So write down all your questions, organize all your thoughts and ideas with your digital photos, and then give us a call today.
Let's get started!


What to Expect From Your Assessment

During your 90 minute assessment of your project, we will listen to your ideas and vision, as well as any challenges you may have with your home. This will help us provide you with expert advice and direction.

  • A better understanding of your budget, and preliminary job cost projections to see what's possible, and what decisions will add the most value to your home
  • Review the scope of work, and discuss key objectives regarding style, floor plan, and materials
  • Explanation of the major factors that affect the price of your project, and planning & design next steps

Virtial Online Assessments

Our online "Skype Style" Virtual one-on-one assessments were created for anyone who can not make it out to our showroom or wants the convenience and safety of a virtual meeting. We offer this alternative and come to you via a screen in your home for the same great quality appointment. Contact us today with details of your project and times for a meeting that will work for you. We will get back to you with details of the online assessment meeting, as well as any details you may need to provide beforehand.


We Help Make
the Process Easier

Renovation projects can be exciting, as well as overwhelming. There are many things to consider including design, structural elements, and countless material selections. We help make this process easier for you by offering a FREE 90-minute assessment of your project where you can get off to a great start, and begin to understand your renovation a whole lot better.

Successful Renovations
Start With a Plan

Many projects start by getting a number of estimates. Once provided, they can be very confusing and difficult to understand and compare. Sometimes pricing is often varied with different levels of detail, and some with no details at all. Costs can also be lumped together into one large sum, and there may be no drawings to see what the project and design will actually look like. Choosing to first begin with an assessment from an Ashton Renovation expert will help you navigate the many initial questions and details you need to know about your project and help prevent later major setbacks with timelines, budgets, and design selections.


Why Estimates Don't Take Actual Projection Costs Into Consideration

  • Contractors need extremely specific details from you to provide an accurate bid, details that often require planning and design
  • Estimates rarely include everything, and will ultimately lead to change orders that will raise the ultimate price you pay
  • Major decisions left till after renovations are started can cause delays, and problems for the homeowner, contractor, and trades

Assessments Help Make Better Decisions

At Ashton Renovations we have implemented an extremely detailed assessment process because we want our clients to feel comfortable and confident with their decisions. We also understand that these decisions involve a huge investment in their time and money in their home, which is why we want to earn their trust by beginning with a no-obligation initial FREE assessment.


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