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Step One

Review Project Objectives and Site Measurements

Planning & Design begins by reviewing your initial assessment with a Certified Kitchen & Bathroom Designer and determining how your project objectives and design inspirations can become a reality. We encourage our clients at this stage to provide any additional inspirational images using Houzz, Pinterest, Instagram, and other magazine sources. We will then begin to document changes that will be made to your home and take digital measurements in order to create concept plans.


Step Two

Exploration of Concepts Plans

Using a variety of conceptional tools including Chief Architect, we discuss layout options with our clients. They are provided online access to a digital model and we examine how key project objectives and design inspirations can fit into these various concepts. We also examine how certain materials and universal design can best be used in each of the supplied concepts.

Step Three

Planning & Design Collaboration

After a design concept is selected, designers, clients, and trades all come together in a collaborative workflow process to select a final design plan with specifications. You will have online access where you can view, edit, and add information as you need. The workflow will include a variety of documents including "Good, Better, Best" material choices, assessments, inspirational images, concept documents, and final project specifications with 3D Renderings.

Step Four

Final Design & Specificaitons

Here is where your vision comes alive! You will receive a photo like 3D Rendering of your project, along with a detailed set of construction specifications that outline the scope of work that lies ahead. These documents will all reflect the choices you have made, and help everyone build your dream renovation.

Design/Build process

With Design/Build you receive the benefits of having your project professionally planned and designed where cost savings and value-added work can be controlled from the outset. At Ashton Renovations we also deduct the cost of your planning fee towards your project.

  • design/build processes facilitate greater cohesiveness between design and construction
  • a professionally designed proposal adds value to your home
  • planning and design allows the opportunity to build a solid working relationship before signing a construction contract

Kitchen & Bathroom Planning Guidlines


The National Kitchen and Bathroom Association has complied with planning guidelines for both kitchens and bathrooms based on over 50 years of research. They are a set of industry-recognized guidelines to help make sure your kitchen and bathrooms are both functional and safe.

  • 31 Kitchen Guidelines
  • 27 Bathroom Guidelines
  • Designed to Maximize Safety and Functionality
  • Ideal Layout Situations
  • Optimal Storage Space & Door Clearances
  • Recommended Work Zone Areas

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