IDS (International Design Show) 2013 Toronto

There were a number of exhibits at the IDS (International Design Show) 2013 that were really cool, but 2 were especially unique. You may want to look into these products. They may add and interesting touch to your kitchen, or bath renovation in Toronto.

GLASS and Illuminated GLASS Countertops from CBD Glass Studios. The glass aspect could be a really attractive addition to your kitchen, or bath. What’s nice about this product is that it can be made into different shapes and textures and is easy to clean. At night you can turn on LED lighting underneath for a really neat affect.





Surface Innovations had 2 cool products at the show. One was their Slate Flex line. This product consists of 4′ x 8′ sheets of flexible slate. Perfect for walls and backsplashes where regular stone work would be costly and heavy.



Surface Innovations also provides a barnboard tile product in various shapes and patterns. This would be great for a kitchen backsplash, or an interior wall.




Silk Portfolio

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