Laundry Room Renovation

Louise and Bert needed a laundry room created in their basement, which would brighten up the space and create some more function. The renovated area includes oak cabinetry and a large countertop for ease of folding. The space also has a deep sink with utility beneath to store cleaning supplies. The furnace room was enclosed with bi-fold doors for easy access of maintenance. Potlights were added to add vitality to the space.

Louise and Bert


"Mark and his crew built our of the nothing of a raw unfinished section of the basement a home for our new midnight blue front loading washer and dryer, creating my dream of a VanGogh inspired laundry room with sunflower yellow walls (you can see the print of VanGogh's "Irises" hanging in the picture). Despite my frequent additions to the project, as I realized it would look better if we were able to block off the view of the unfinished area that housed the furnace, and build in a door to close off the storage room, and add a shelf here and a tile floor instead of linoleum, and other numerous small and big additions, Mark brought us in pretty close to time and budget. It is an astounding beautiful room, and I don't think I exaggerate when I say that, as I listen to the reaction of friends when they view it for the first time. I now make it a point to go down to the basement at least once a day, whether or not I'm doing laundry, and if I'm ever feeling low, I know exactly where to go to cheer myself up.


The best thing about Mark and his crew, especially for a neatnik like me, is that at the end of every work day, the work area is left neat and tidy, and on Friday afternoons, you would not know anyone had been working there, despite the fact that this involved major renovation work. Mark also shows such attention to seemingly small detail. Because the tiles we used for the floor are square, he went out and found the most beautiful little square drain cover for the round basement floor drain in the laundry area. It is partially covered by the washer and dryer but I make it a point of looking at it each time I do laundry. It exemplifies to me the care that Mark takes with every aspect of his work."


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