Dairy Dr. – Modern Toronto Bathroom Renovation

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Client Testimonial

"I recently had my main bathroom renovated by Ashton Renovations, and I couldn't be happier with the results. I spent a considerable amount of time searching for contractors who had expertise in proper bathroom waterproofing. In Canada, the building code doesn't require the installation of a waterproofing system, so it was crucial for me to find contractors who understood the importance of this aspect. While many contractors claimed they could handle waterproofing using products like Red Guard, Schluter, or Wedi, their images and responses to my inquiries revealed their lack of knowledge in the subject. These were contractors with high ratings on various websites, so it was quite disappointing.

However, I contacted Schluter directly, seeking their advice, and they recommended three contractors from their database who had completed full certification in waterproofing training. Ashton Renovations was one of the recommended contractors. After reviewing their websites, examining their previous work, and conducting interviews, I decided to choose Ashton. I must mention that their quote was on the higher side compared to the others. But as they say, you get what you pay for. Mark, the owner of Ashton Renovations, follows the steps recommended by Schluter in Germany, which has the highest waterproofing requirements in the EU region.

If you visit Ashton's website, you'll find images showcasing the waterproofing installation in all their bathroom renovations. In contrast, the other three contractors didn't provide such images on their websites and had to send them to me separately. The beauty and aesthetics of Ashton's bathrooms are undeniable. Mark's attention to detail and the superior craftsmanship ensure that the bathroom will last for years to come. The work he does behind the scenes is truly a work of art. Mark also provided valuable input on upgrades that would enhance the overall appeal of the bathroom. His taste matches my own, which tends to lean towards the more luxurious side. However, the extra expense, approximately $5,000 more than the others, was absolutely worth it. When people see the bathroom in person, they understand why I made that choice. The pictures simply don't do it justice. The materials, the execution of the installations, and the finishing details exude a sense of class.

Here are the waterproofing steps taken by Ashton Renovations:

Instead of drywall, Ashton used Kerdi-board with washers along with Cement board and Kerdi. This exceeded my expectations.
They utilized modified thinset Schluter All-Set to apply the Schluter sheet membrane/Kerdi to the corners and seams, which offers better water resistance compared to unmodified thinset with Kerdi.
Shower valves and pipes were waterproofed using Schluter Kerdi Mixing Valve seals (Schluter®-KERDI-SEAL-PS and Schluter®-KERDI-SEAL-MV).
Schluter KERDI-FIX Sealing and Bonding Compound was used to join Kerdi with Cement board near the tub.
Once the Schluter system dried, Laticrete Hydro Ban was applied on top of the Kerdi sheets and used for seams and corners. Hydro Ban, similar to Ardex 8+9, is what Schluter uses in the EU and provides 100% waterproofing.
I would like to express my gratitude to all the tradespeople involved in this renovation. It took an additional two weeks to complete, but Mark ensured that each trade specialized in their respective tasks. It was not a one-man show. The team involved included:

Chris Ashton - Renovator
Dave Degryse - Renovator
Will Galego - Tiler
Tony Giannoulis - Plumber
Kostas Petsis - Electrician
Brian Pacheco - Drywaller"

Christopher Godfrey