Flooded Basement In Toronto?

If you are one of the unfortunate ones that experienced your basement being flooded out in Toronto recently, remember to make the proper improvements to avoid it happening again. Have an experienced waterproofing contracting make suggestions after inspecting your property. This should be done over and above what your insurance company will pay for and repair.




Some of the improvements could include exterior excavation with the replacement of weeping tile and drainage gravel, or an internal system with a sump pump. Also check your landscaping to ensure that the grade around your house sheds water away from the home. As well, see if you can install a backflow prevention on your drain in the basement. EXPLORE all your options, or it will happen again. When your basement is being renovated make sure you use materials that are resistant to water, so if you have issues again it will make repair less costly. There are many options available to homeowner’s these days.

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