How We Use Magic Plan to Build Better Toronto Kitchens & Bathrooms

Why Use Magic Plan

At Ashton Renovations we are all about finding ways to make the whole process easier, and more efficient, for homeowners, the trades we work with, and our renovation suppliers. With Magic Plan, the initial planning and design stage benefits highly, as this sets a strong foundation for the rest of the renovation. We begin with exact measurements and 360 images that document a space. Magic Plan is the app we use, which allows us to scan a room using a mobile device that yields accurate measurements, 2D & 3D sketches, and even 360° photos of the space. Not only that, but we are able to share the measurements and photos and connect them with everyone, which encourages collaboration. This is helpful to:

  1. The Contractor – it helps with the design and planning stage, as having the measurements, sketches, and photos one is able to have critical quantitative and visual information on the space to use for design ideas, and provide detailed measurements to suppliers to get exact pricing.
  2. The Trades – since everything is recorded and shared, this saves time from having duplicate measurements and unnecessary trips to the site, which wastes time. Also, less gets forgotten and shared files can be constantly referenced. The trades are able to use these measurements in the demolition stage for example, or when going to the store for specific appliances, or fixtures. Moreover, they don’t waste time by getting the wrong amount of materials.
  3. The Homeowner – once you have a copy of your Magic Plan you won’t ever need to contact your contractor for measurements and quantities, as it’s all there. Your plan will ensure that things won’t be missed, and your project will be built more efficiently, and that saves you MONEY! You will have the benefit from having a well-thought out design for your renovation, so you can be confident in the vision of their designer.

Innovative Features of Magic Plan

LiDAR, which stands for “Light Detection and Ranging”, is a remote sensing method that recent Apple devices have incorporated into their devices, such as an iPad. It uses laser light pulses which can establish basis distances in an environment which when scanned, can collect measurements with incredible precision and flexibility. By processing these scans through the Magic Plan software, a rooms whole geometry including objects can be automatically captured, detected, and classified which is of great value to contractors.

It can also create detailed 2D floor plans, sketches, and 3D models with accurate dimensions of the room which can easily be shared with clients and partners. These sketches have a huge range of benefits in regards to the renovation process. The ability to share the digital plans with ease create improved collaboration which increases work flow and productivity within the project. It is very convenient to have all sketches and blueprints digitally online which makes for effortless editing and handling change orders easier.

Magic Plan even has the ability to attach 360° photos taken externally to your project floor plan. This is extremely beneficial as it allows for virtual walkthroughs of a space without having to actually step foot in it. This immersive experience allows for users to explore the space as if they were physically in it which is useful for planning a remodelling or renovation. Sharing the digital files of information is as easy as taking the uploads and distributing a link to interested parties for them to open on any device.

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