Woodrow Ave. – How We Built A Beautiful Small Bathroom On The Toronto Danforth

Make Your Bathroom Bigger Than it Actually Is

This bathroom is pretty typical for the Toronto Danforth. It’s very small! Luckily, we always have a few tricks up our sleeve and know how to really make the space bigger than it actually is. You may notice in the photos that there is no casing on the left side of the door. We do this because if we did the shower would be 3 1/2″ smaller in width, which would make it really uncomfortably narrow. You need at least 32″, if not more, or your shower will feel too narrow. So we bring the tile edging right up to the door jamb and waterproof it, and then place the glass on the edge of the tile. Viola! Waterproof and extra space.

The next critical step in the process is to build a curbless shower. Can you imagine what this bathroom would look like with a curb in the middle of the room? We do this in small bathrooms, and in big bathrooms too, so that the shower can be bigger, and the floor space feels more spacious. And even though this is a small bathroom we still made the shower 5 feet long. There’s nothing worse than having a tiny shower in any space.

We also did a number of other things that make the room feel bigger, which included adding a shower niche that creates the feeling of depth, installing a wall hung vanity, which adds more floor space below, and installed a sliding glass shower door that ensures when open it never interferes with the walkway in the bathroom. 6″ LED flat panel lighting inside and inside the shower also brighten up the room.

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Some Helpful Tips

  1. Using the curb with shower is super helpful when renovating a small bathroom like this. The ladders here to have a normal size shower, which would have been impossible with the curve.
  2. A sliding shower door in the small space really hard because it meant there was no interference with the rest of the bathroom when the door was open.
  3. Installing a Schluter shower niche with solid quartz jams is really helpful to keep products off the shower floor.

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