Toronto IKEA Kitchen Installations

IKEA Kitchen Planning

The first step to planning out your IKEA kitchen is to select the style. All that’s required here is to decide on the door/drawer style. After that IKEA has an online planner, where you can design your kitchen, or you can call us. We have over 20 years experience designing and ordering IKEA cabinetry. If you do decide to plan your own kitchen it’s advised to design it at the store with their help.


  1. Spend time on a great layout, use the help of an experienced designer
  2. Plans won’t include fillers and panels. Order them separately.
  3. Give thought to cabinet styles i.e. how many drawers you want

IKEA Kitchen Cabinetry & Installations

IKEA is a great choice for cabinets. They provide excellent value, style, and versatility. If you are looking for modern designs IKEA is by far one of the best choices, and there are a number of other 3rd parties that now manufacture custom doors, drawers, and panels. So if you are looking for white cabinets with custom wood panels, you can get that done very easily. And because the cabinetry is ALL stock, there is no waiting for your kitchen. You can get it right away!

If you want to install IKEA yourself, it’s only advisable for the most simple kitchen, or wet bar. By far it’s best to have an installer do it that is specialized in IKEA kitchen installations. We have been putting in cabinets for IKEA for over 20 years and know all the tricks. So we can help!


  1. Only hire someone who is specialized in installing IKEA cabinets
  2. Hire professionals for the renovation i.e. demo, plumbing, electrical…
  3. Consider 3rd party doors, drawers and panels – make it stand out

Cabinet Customization/Re-facing

If you want to make modifications to your cabinets there are many things you can do. The bathroom below shows kitchen cabinetry cut back to be used as vanity cabinets. You can also modify cabinetry around fridges and other areas to get exactly what you want. And you can even put new doors and drawers on your old IKEA kitchen if you want.


  1. Consider modifying the size of your cabinets to fit your needs
  2. Try using IKEA in the bathroom for a more custom look
  3. Try mixing panels, drawers, and doors for unique contrasting design

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