How to Renovate Your Condo Bathroom: When you Want to Sell!

Focus on What Your Buyer Will Want

Begin with the end in mind, as bathroom design and renovations in Toronto have become a matter of very personal taste. There are so many products and designs to choose from, and by fixing up your bathroom to sell with too many personal elements, you may discourage some buyers – they may fail to see the value in your selections. It’s not uncommon that we see homebuyers rip out newly renovated spaces to make it their own – don’t make that mistake.

Where do you start? Begin by asking a lot of questions. Ask your agent what buyers in your area are looking for? What elements would they recommend in the bathroom? Look at local magazines and online of photos of bathrooms – what’s currently trending? Ask for a designers input. All this will give you a good handle on key elements that are popular, which could be incorporated into the design. Make sure though to always allow a buyer enough room that later they can make it their own i.e paint, pictures, a glass enclosure, accessories, etc. So keep things neutral, but interesting, and don’t make it too bland.

Case Study: Richmond St. – Downtown Toronto

After a discussion with the homeowner, it was decided to incorporate a minimal design for this Downtown Toronto Condo bathroom renovation using highly contrasted elements in black and white. Moen Arly’s sink and shower faucets were used along with black tile edging and LED vanity lighting with black finishes. Taymor Allusion matte black accessories also complimented these selections and added contrast. Because the bathroom was small, a Muti KB wall hung vanity with grey wood accents was used to give the feeling of more space along with a matching mirror. Centura textured tiles were used in the grey floor tile, and white wall tile helped create some interest in the space without overpowering it with a specific coloured design.


  1. Choose an interesting design with elements that are subtle i.e. textured tile, and contrasting finishes
  2. Select products and finishes that will appeal to your target buyer
  3. Allow future owners enough room to add to the design on their own later

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